IT strategy – Framework for action and challenge

Derived from the business strategy, the IT strategy has to support the implementation of the business objectives but, at the same time, also describe future-orientedly how the IT landscape will change in the years ahead in order to respond to the presently unknown requirements from the markets.

As such, it becomes clear that the IT strategy can provide an essential contribution to business success and that it defines the framework for action and the challenges of the years ahead for IT.

»This is what is clear: Those who are investing in strategy today will be ahead of the curve tomorrow; those who meander along without a strategy will not achieve their objective. «

noventum consulting, Bernd Hüner


IT strategy – From vision to reality

There are many starting points for the implementation of the strategy:

  • Organisational
  • Procedural (which processes are necessary and/or need to be adapted)
  • Portfolio (products, services, projects)

Independent of the starting point, it is necessary to take the path from the planning to the implementation of the IT strategy with clear, well-defined methods and procedures.

  • Analysis of the existing structures and architectures
  • Operationalisation of the IT strategy through design of the future IT strategy on the levels of infrastructure, applications, process, functions and organisation
  • Definition  of the roadmap for the implementation of the strategy and of the selected architecture
  • Verification of ongoing and future projects/change measures with respect to strategy  compliance

To ensure sustainability, noventum consulting includes the specialised departments in the creation and adjustment of the IT strategy and/or in further decision processes of the IT department regarding the implementation of the strategy

Our Offer

IT strategy design and/or redesign

The need for strategic further development or adaptation is a result of external or internal changes. The external environment of the company is constantly changing due to the appearance of new technologies, new laws and values, new competitors.

IT strategy review

Strategies being pursued consciously or subconsciously do not necessarily represent an optimum. Their soundness with respect to the environment and to the business objective as well as their consistency and freedom from internal contradictions need to be assessed.

IT strategy renewal

The need for a strategic new beginning arises in case of the new founding of companies, in the context of mergers and takeovers, as well as quite often after a change in ownership.

»This is what is fact: IT strategy is not a project but rather a permanent task of IT management. «

noventum consulting, Wolfgang Plemper


IT strategy with noventum - When experience and detailed knowledge come together

noventum consulting has been advising its customers for many years already in various aspects of IT strategy planning.

Experiences gained from the most diverse requirements to the IT strategy of our customers are reflected in the design of the concepts realised or to be realised.

The following aspects are a component of the strategy discussions

  • Centralisation vs. decentralisation
  • Outsourcing vs. insourcing
  • Offshore and/or nearshore
  • Standardisation vs. customisation
  • Cost reduction vs. efficient resource utilisation
  • Management of change
  • Definition of depth of production

Our industry knowledge, the detailed knowledge regarding the aforementioned aspects, and the high level of our consulting projects make noventum an excellent partner for your strategy discussions.

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